Locked In

Outside the window I see the sun staring at the world through the clear crystal sky. Inside, the glossy white tiles look dreary, and the fear closes in on me. As my brain attempts to recreate the sound of laughing children and the wafts of strong perfume, everything turns negative… I hear locker doors being slammed shut and smell the overbearing all-purpose cleaner. Scared stiff, I’m alone and abandoned in a school building, far from data signals or any way to reach my family.

I turn around and watch the leaves being blown off their trees by the fast wind. The emptiness envelops me with a strange sense of imprisonment I’ve never felt before. The once-azure sky begins to turn into an endless expanse of inky black. With the growing darkness, my shadows fade away into the austere white walls. The sheer curtains bellow as the cold breeze enters the isolated hallway, making the scene that much more hair-raising. I realise that the lights need to be turned on. My phone buzzes in the pocket of my jeans as I walk towards the walls. I push aside all hope that it’s my parents. They can’t be calling me; they probably aren’t even home yet. I fish it out, and see that it needs to be charged immediately. Wow, this is amazing! I think. Locked in school, no data signals, and now, no battery!

I walk aimlessly, my echoing footsteps the only sound in the building. The blinding white lights make the room much colder. I’m frightened to stay where I am, but I’m  even more frightened to move. Silence looms over me, threatening to kill. The endless space that once held happy students, giggling and passing notes in between classes is now a cold hallway that gives me chills which creep onto my spine. While beads of sweat started to form on my forehead, I realise that it is an ironic moment: I need a jacket but I’m also sweating.

The sinister green text on my watch blinks to show 10.56pm. My eyes keep closing, but my fear jerks me back up. I decide to keep my eyes focused on the over-sized double doors at the end of the hallway, determined to stay awake through this rough night.


  1. Ananya
    4th February 2016 / 10:02 am

    we know who’s gonna ace the english boards xP

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