Medium of Their Love

You are the dawn
dancing on the horizon —
a light I cannot afford,
for it will blind me
as it takes my darkness away.

In this dark that I dwell
I stay espoused to the truth
that it is only your fleeting shadow
that will be mine forever.

But now, eons apart,
your faint reflection
is what tells me that
this light is a gift —
this love is a gift —
from the Lords unto me
for I am to exercise their will,
and become the medium
of their love unto you.

You are a light, and you have been sent to illuminate my world, but I cannot afford this light because it is only in my darkness that I see the truth of my life — that it is not you but only your shadow that is my companion for life. But today, as there is a reflection of you in my life again, I see that I needn’t be afraid of your light — the love I have for you is a gift from the Gods because I am destined to fulfill their wish that you are loved limitlessly, purely, and eternally.


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