Nirvana in Your Arms

Humanity believes in Karma.
Punishment for sins
and rewards for righteousness.

Through its myriad reincarnations
the soul attains Nirvana
when the cache of Karma is drained.

And thus, I believe
my love for you is a prayer —
a surrender to the Almighty
with a plea
that in this life, and in this life alone,
I am exempted
from the hardships
I am to endure, for this
sinner soul deserves not
your purity.

For my devils I am to be chastised —
robbed of the fortune
of being worthy of you. Yet,
as this naïve heart has loved,
I entreat the Lord to pardon it,
and grant its wish.

I pray — for this heart —
make it my destiny,
let me breathe
my end in your arms.

This fulfilment does justice
to my guileless heart,
I take it upon myself to
atone for all my sins
in all my rebirths.

I will brave it all.
I am now indebted to God
for bestowing my wish.

As I perish in the embrace
of the one I love, I will
look into those eyes and
perceive the Universe
my soul is travelling to.

The aura of your smile
will bring back the light
that is leaving me,
and your profound,
resonating laughter is all
I hear as I am pulled
into abysmal silence, and

in that one moment that I die,
I will have truly lived.



  1. Erato
    6th April 2018 / 6:12 am

    This is truly so very deep. Since I’m in love too, I could relate to it completely. So beautifully written!

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