Tonight, I will watch
the dusk dream into dawn,
and let go of all I think I own.
Every light and every darkness,
there must be nothing to love or mourn.

Life is a single breath,
One moment from days to death.
So if nothing lasts, why feel at all,
when someday it will be gone in stealth. View Post

After months, if not years, of excruciating heartbreak,
An emotion I sure once did deem was fake,
After all of the tears and the fears it did bring,
I decided, at last, I must put a stop to this thing.

So did I venture, deep into my soul,
And turned my heart into an icy hellhole.
A frozen inferno did but not any good,
Even after I had done all I thought that I could.
Then along with my pain, I turned all of my sorrow,
Into a deep abyss, a large heartless hollow.

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The breeze fluttered into the room and softly rustled the flowers around me. Papers on the receptionist’s desk inched closer to her, the chimes on the window hummed a sweet little tune, and the eager wind lifted the edges of my simple black coat, because of which I now felt poorly dressed for my interview.

The room was big enough to seat about nine people at distances, but one would still be able to hear their hushed tones of talk. It was airy and opulent, with an aura of regality that made me feel small. The floors were a magnificent hand-scraped dark wood that ran lengthwise and reached up to the wall two-thirds of the way, as if in impetus from the run. Above the wood, the walls graced a stunning, but simple, taupe-on-taupe damask wallpaper that glistened in the light from the chandelier. Twenty feet above me, the chandelier looked like a glamorous, miniature version of the sun. Little crystal ‘droplets’ projected unnoticed spectra on the walls. I was not expecting my prospective office to be so elegant and sophisticated. View Post

Outside the window I see the sun staring at the world through the clear crystal sky. Inside, the glossy white tiles look dreary, and the fear closes in on me. As my brain attempts to recreate the sound of laughing children and the wafts of strong perfume, everything turns negative… I hear locker doors being slammed shut and smell the overbearing all-purpose cleaner. Scared stiff, I’m alone and abandoned in a school building, far from data signals or any way to reach my family. View Post

This is the story of a thirsty crow,
But mind you, not the one you know.
Here the climax is different,
So see you hear it till the end

This story has a young hero,
the grandson of the older crow.
Remember? The one who threw pebbles,
In the water to change its level? View Post