Patchwork Soul

O! In your patchwork soul,
weave mine tonight.
Let a part of me
become yours tonight.
Let my cotton
simplify your struggling silk.
Let my roughness
take away that blinding shine.

O! In your patchwork soul,
do weave mine tonight.
Let my grey
soften your quelling ocean-blue.
Let my sombre
soothe your troubled hue.

O! From your silken soul
mine shall fade away tonight.
Your frayed yarns have
become all mine tonight.
Your fazing gleam is now a soft light.
Your troubled tussore is now a smooth silk.

O! In your silken soul
do not weave my patchwork one tonight.


Your soul is like gleaming, bright ocean-blue silk, yet it has pieces of a troubled past patchworked onto it. I, on the contrary, am dull, grey cotton. I wish to balance out the light that has become a glare… I wish to calm your overpowering blues. I have now sewn the patches of your past onto my own soul and thus restored the beauty of your silken one. My now-patchworked soul will fade away from your silken one. I see that the frayed yarns of your silk are now on my fabric. I see that your once-blinding gleam is now a gentle light, and the troubled tussore silk you once were is now smooth and soft. With this, I ask that you do not weave my soul into yours again – for you are now renewed and will shine without me.



  1. Sabah
    10th February 2018 / 2:23 pm

    lovvveee!!!! It’s got a flow to it!

  2. Ashuta
    11th April 2018 / 2:56 pm

    You’re a gifted writer! Keep at it, Ria!

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