The Other

The one you love is gone.
The wound did tear your heart.
and while the scar seems pale,
The pain still grips your soul.

My love can feel your love,
thus knows it’s not for me.
You think this love is mine,
I know it cannot be.

You are my reason to be.
This heart wants none other.
And for you, with every breath,
this, my love, is reborn.

To the poetry of my love, you are the words.
To the music of my love, you are the muse.
To the song of my love, you are the voice.
For I do not want someone else.

But I ask, do you feel the same?
Am I your true love, or is it another?
Your love, I know — it is divine.
For I have seen it in your eyes, and it is not for me.
From me you do not hide, but do so from your self.
I ask, why?

Why hide your love,
even if your beloved is no more?
Why walk away from the light,
when its purity is eternal?

Why pretend to love this other,
when you know you never will?
You will lose your way if you
tread this unknown trail.

It is not your heart to love another,
therefore, you must not try.
Be truth to yourself, your heart and your soul,
and love her — no other.

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