Thirsty Crow Poem of the 21st Century

This is the story of a thirsty crow,
But mind you, not the one you know.
Here the climax is different,
So see you hear it till the end

This story has a young hero,
the grandson of the older crow.
Remember? The one who threw pebbles,
In the water to change its level?

But when our hero felt thirsty,
He looked around and wished could see
Some cola, orange or any other drink,
But this time there was no such thing.

Then he thought that he would rather
Look for some good old water.
As there was a great famine,
A drop of water couldn’t be seen.

As he flew and looked some more
He saw something and was quite sure,
It was an earthen pot of water
In the backyard of the potter.

But again the level was as low
As the crow’s beak could not go.
And the pot’s neck was so thin
That the crow could not go in.

Now, my dears, he had to think,
What he could do so he could drink
All the water in the pot.
And then, a great idea he got!

The thought was surely worth applause,
He flew to a shop and got some straws!
He joined them all to one another,
And put them in the pot of water.

And all the water he could drain,
That’s because he used his brain!


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